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Mine Store

What is it?

You wanna know what this plugin does?

well in 1 line:

Its a big Unique donation system working fully ingame only the payments go through the webpage.
this allows you to get donations without a monthly fee and logging in there and there and there.
And paying even more for more features this is a all in one Donation store single purchase NO monthly fees and directly all features!

Current Supported Gateways

Supports 2 Payment gateways

Supports almost 100 Payment Gateways


Easy Management

Easy Management

Managing this plugin is easy. Simply set it up once and after that. Use /donate admin manage to manage everything!

Gateway Modules

Gateway Modules

As this plugin progresses adding more payment gateways is very easy. simply toggle the new gateway in the config.yml and config.php(webend)

Timed Products

Timed Products

Where most Donation systems request more money for this In this plugin the timed features are free! and allows anything to be timed!

Unique Renewal system

Unique Renewal system

where other hosts allow a renewal from the expiry up the renewal here. Does it on add basis players can add time to the product using their own product gui!



This plugin is very powerfull. Because it includes a dev API allowing to extend the functionality of this plugin!

Detailed Products

Detailed Products

Every product added in this plugin has a custom Unique feature showcase system Showing every feature you want with its own icon or material!

Anti Hack

Anti Hack

The Stores comminucation works through IP/key check the IP/key are both ecrypted up on making them allowing only 1 server (your own) To communicate with the web end web scripts functions

Unlimited Possibilities

Unlimited Possibilities

Nothing is to much for this store. while it already supports giving ranks/perms/commands/chatmessages/money/xp/expiration Its extendable coded so it shall not take long before more features (actions ) are added in by addon or internal!

Help Center

MCG MineStore

Simply do /donate admin manage and click on the Products/category button then from there you can manage everything!

Yes you can!
By opening the admin management page you can click the bedrock icon and enter any name to add it to the blacklist.
once there they cannot even open the donation gui anymore.
To remove someone from the list simply do the same again if a name already exists it removes it.

Well technicly yes. but also no.

the limit is more then 200000 actions by then your server cannot handle it anymore.
So i do not think you can reach that.

Yes there is.
You can only do 45 features per product.
This due to the gui being that large and pagination with features is never a good idea.

Well i think so yes but its just what you want. here are some compares

Sales > Buycraft (Need to pay Monthly and you cannot host it yourself) > MinecraftMarket (Need to pay Once/Monthly and you cannot host it yourself) > Enjin (free BUT you cannot host it yourself) > CraftingStore (Not supported) > Minestore (Inlcuded and selfhosted)

Coupons > Buycraft (Need to pay Monthly and you cannot host it yourself) > MinecraftMarket (free but you cannot host it yourself) > Enjin (free BUT you cannot host it yourself) > CraftingStore (free) > Minestore (Inlcuded and selfhosted)

Yes its secure. well our side is secure.
To get the full safety of the plugin and web end.
Please host it on a SSL Secured server with  DDos protection and anti hack.
NEVER host it locally for your own safety.
This script NEVER connects to any other network unless you tell it to.
Its best to have the webserver on a seperate machine or server then the Gameserver.
Mysql database is best to have in the same country as your webserver for optimized speed.

MCG Minestore includes a safety switch after installing its bound to the gameservers IP Adress. which is on his turn safely encrypted on the disc.
Only the gameserver knows the password.
If either the password or the IP is wrong the website is NOT working for that user and they get blocked.

Ingame there is also a security layer depended on the UUID of a player.
You can block users from the panel once there they cannot open the donation store GUI anymore

So you wanna install it he?

Lets take a look at the zip contents

A .jar file
2 .txt files
A .sql file
A website part folder.

Because you are following the installation here you do not need the instructions.txt file
The requirements for MCG Minestore are
Minecraft spigot or paperspigot < both at least 1.13
A webserver with MYSQL Database set up without other tables.
The webserver must have support for PHP 5 and up + CGI support.
Beside that the webserver must allow external connections and must be reachable from the internet. (this to prevent bugs at protecting your server)

if you are ready proceed to step 1

Step 1. is the most advanced one. it needs to be done 1 time.

First let us open the Config of our website located in ./Core/config.php
Once u open it fill in all the fields with your own data.
Everything is explaned in the file itself.

Next up you need to have the database information ready.
Open up the db.php file in the core folder.
enter the database login details in the corresponding fields.

Make sure the database is loaded with the .sql files tables

if you are done with this go to step 2

Easy peasy this one is.

Simply put the plugin into your plugins folder and start up the server.
After the server has started. type the command
/donate admin manage
A GUI pops up there should be a Cobweb in that menu.
Click that and follow on screen instructions.

if you completed the steps ingame go to step 3

A donation store is nothing without its products.

Most product features are easy to manage but let me explane the process.

First open up the management gui.
/donate admin manage
then click product manager.

Then we need some category’s first so click create category. give it a name

after that open up the management gui again (if its not open already)
and click Create/add product
A new GUI Pops up with different colors glass.
Now its as simple as clicking the glass you want to change.

For the name click the name change button and enter a new name. (it can contain spaces do not use special characters)
for the description same as the name
Then you have 2 + and 2 – icons and between each a number thats how much the product costs.
Click +1 to add 1 and + 0.1 to add 10 cents to it.
Same for the – but it subtracts the amount.
After that we wanna add some actions.
The cool thing is you do not even have to code or add commands simply follow the options on screen.
For example i wanna send the player itself a message i would type CM:mymessage
when i press enter its added. i can clear the actions list from the same gui.
There are actions for everything including expiry by different times. aswell as giving XP Money and permissions or ranks.
or executing different commands from console/player
those will be on screen.
Now we need to add some advertising to the user its called features.
They are defined in a icon and text.
when u click add feature you get asked a name simply type 1 feature of the product in chat and send it.
Now it asks either a number or a material name.
The numbers are from the main config. you can specify skull textures there and there are some already.
The material name must be a item name from this list : https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Material.html

when done press enter and its added.
Last but not least click the change category button.
Enter a existing category and it will be placed in there.

WARNING Forgetting to change the category results in either errors. or non visible products. its easily fixed by creating a category called default every product after that one without setting a category will go into there.

when thats all done simply hit save product and its added to the store and already live!

Have fun!