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MCG Space 2

Park Manager

Space 2

What is it?

You wanna know what this plugin does?

well in 1 line:

Its a complete package to allow the player to explore the whole universe!

Basically in more detail this plugin adds different worlds.
Aswell as adding different items and minerals needed to survive in space or travel between worlds.
Its the biggest plugin currently available for space exploration!


Rocket System

Rocket System

The Rocket system has serveral Rockets people can build and use. the default rocket will launch you to a normal world. A community rocket will not destroy itself once launched!

MultiWorld System

MultiWorld System

The MultiWorld system allows the server owner to add. Worlds to the system to show in the Gui on launch

Build in World Generation

Build in World Generation

This plugin has build in world generation. it will automaticly add Aquatopia and creeperplanet aswell as Space.

Custom Minerals

Custom Minerals

The plugin adds extra minerals like Meteoric iron and special dust for fuel. Those are required to craft new items and machines

Electricity Fuel and air

Electricity Fuel and air

The plugin adds electricity for the electric jetpack aswell as air for the suits and fuel for suits and the rocket

Batteries AirBubles FuelCells

Batteries AirBubles FuelCells

With each new type of power air of fuel comes a storage option!



The jetpack is only working in space and works on fuel from the suit. or Power from the suit depending on what jetpack. you can even multitask because you must hold the jetpack in the secondhand. you can choose between the powered jetpack or the fuel jetpack

Custom Structures

Custom Structures

The plugin includes many structures for players to build. For example the launchpad for rockets aswell as the refinery or the filler. Or even the solar panel.

Custom Recipes

Custom Recipes

The plugin will add some recipes for different stuff. For example for batteries or the jetpacks

Custom Physics in space

Custom Physics in space

Because there is no gravity in space. the lava water and blocks will not flow or fall!

Mob Manager

Mob Manager

Many Mobs need air too thats why many mobs cannot live in space. or did they find a way to breath in space? also on the CreeperPlanet you can only find creepers! (and charged ones!)



This plugin adds scoreboards per player On that board they can see their power air and fuel. the board is toggleable by the user!

Help Center

Because this plugin is very big.
There is an extended support for people who bought this plugin.

How to do this?

simply go to mcgsoft.eu/mcg-support
Or go to the spigot page discussion area and ask there.
Note that i will NOT solve issues left in the review section!

Setup Tutorial

So you have purchased MCGSpace 2? and wamt to install it?
You came to the right place lets start installing in a few steps!

First lets check what you will need for this plugin:

  • Vault NEEDED (this will connect the plugin with economy and permission systems)
  • Optionally a permission plugin
  • Any vault supported economy plugin

if you have all those plugins already up and running then we can continue.
The current supported Spigot version is 1.11.2 and 1.12 make sure that your spigot version is not LOWER then that or that you do not use any other server software such as paper spigot or viaversion as thats not fully supported by me.

ok lets start installing the first step will be placing the right jar file in the plugins folder for 1.12 is that mcgspace.jar for the 1.11.2 its the same but with a 1.11.2 in  the name..

now start the server and wait for it to generate the config files and worlds.
Dont worry you can disable the worlds later.
when thats done stop the server again (STOP and do not reload or disable only the plugin)
now open up the config.yml in the MCGSpace Folder in the plugins directory
in that file there are a lot of options you can customize or you can leave it as it is out of the box. its not needed to change anything there beside the “MainWorld” setting you need to change that to the default survival worldname. (by default thats just world)

When your done with that you startup the server again and your done installing!

Some extra info :
Use your permission manager to add permissions to the users all permissions must first be given because they are always off by default.
OP players have all perms by default and need to have negated perms to remove them.

here is a short action list:

  • Download the plugin
  • run the server once with plugin installed in the plugins folder
  • shut down server
  • edit config.yml to your needs
  • start server and play!

Management Tutorial

If you havent installed the plugin yet see the setup tutorial first!

Well now your plugin is up and running here are some management functions for you to use to manage the plugin and players.

First of teleporting:
if you do not allow multiworld teleporting for other plugins then there is a special teleport command in the plugin
/space tp
/space tpaquatopia
/space tpcreeperplanet

when using those commands you will be teleported to the world spawn of those worlds keep in mind that the space tp command will teleport you to midspace so you will fall down if you do not have any creative mode or jetpack active

Sometimes you want to get items fast well i made it pretty simple
use /space give [itemname]

valid itemnames are :

empty battery

to make sure nobody cheats this will give the item to the executing player then that player can give it manually to the player to prevent problems.

Whats also very handy are the special planets
You can spawn and generate in special planets that when touched teleport the player to a certain world do note that this can only be used in space and deepspace.

use /space genplanet create configname toworldname while holding any BLOCK in your OFFhand the offhand block will choose the type the world is gonna be generated with.

when you do this you get an item when you right click the air with  it it gives you 3 seconds to go away then the planet will be generated at that location you clicked the item.

you can place multiple planets of the same if you want to.

to destroy such planet use /space genplanet destroy configname
After that you can remove the blocks that where generated.
To list the planets from the config:
/space genplanet list
You can also always stop placing the planets or place more by simply doing:
/space genplanet place configname

you will get the placeitem again like the creation system.
Note if you wanna stop placing those planets simply drop the item in the void or burn it.

and lastly you can always refill any fuel air and power in the suit by using the following command:
/space refillair
/space refillfuel
/space refillpower

Default Usage

So you are a player and wanna play on a MCGSpace Enabled Server?
You  can! follow the following instructions!

First off how to get started is by simply mining iron ore and redstone ore.
Those will give you either unrefined fuel parts and meteoric iron. with a certain chance next to the normal drop.

Now to continue you will need to craft certain things and build certain things so if you wanna know the building plans simply take a look at the building guides tab and for items and such the recipes tab.

To go to space you will need a space suit
You will need a Factory for this (take a look how to build it)
then simply put meteoric iron together with a certain item in the chest and press the button on 1 of the sides of the factory and then you can pickup the armor piece from the chest.
The recipes are as follow:

The chest is the chest of the Factory and the iron 64 Meteoric iron
Glass diamond feather slimeball (are just 1) For the repeater you need 32 of them and for the Comparator you need 16 of them and the daylight censor you need just 1

NOTE! you need 128 Meteoric_iron for the jetpacks

Then when you have those you need to craft some air tanks and optionally fuel and power tanks.
use the following (SHAPED) recipes:

the iron is the meteoric iron of course.

when you made a fuel tank or air tank you need to smelt them in a furnace to seal them:

where the furnace is just the furnace the yellow glass the emty fuel tank and the light blue glass the empty air tank. you can just cook them like any other item in the furnace with either coal wood charcoal lava ect…

and for the batteries to charge them you need to make a solar generator (see building plans)

Where the white glass is the empty battery and the dispenser is the solar generator simply but the empty battery in and press the button and it will charge the battery.

Well now you have full tanks and a suit. you will need to fill the suit in order to use those so build a filler (see building plans).
Then insert the tanks or battery into the center chest and press the button above you:

Where the obsidian is the filler and the red glass filled fuel tank and the blue glass the filled air tank and the yellow glass filled battery.

when putting multiple different tanks in it at once you will fill everything at 1 click.

now lastly you will need rocket fuel (refined fuel)
For that you will need a fuel refinery (see building plans)
simply put 16 unrefined fuel parts into the chest in the refinery and then click the button on top of the refinery.
you will get 1 refined fuel back.:

where the glowstonedust is the fuelpart (unrefined) and the redstone is the refined fuel (The stained clay is the fuel refinery)

when you have enough fuel you can build the rocket (see building plans) or the community rocket (for admins).
then put the refined fuel in the rocket tank and finish the rocket stand on top of the rocket and then press the button to get the menu to choose where to go and launch:

and thats it remember you need a complete space suit in space and deepspace as there is no air there.
and if you wanna return home you will have to take some supply’s with you to build a new rocket and travel back or to other planet.

or you can die and lose all your stuff to respawn at your bed or spawn.