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MCG Version Checker

MCG Version Checker

MCG Version checker is a small api.
That MCGSoft uses to check if there is an update for you on spigot for that plugin.
It will notify the owner of the server through console that an update is ready to be downloaded.
It will also notify players with the permnode “MCGV.Notify” once they join.
This feature can be turned off completely for all MCG Plugins that use this feature in the special global settings file.
That can be found at

Why MCG Version Checker?

  • Get Update notification when there is an update!
  • It doesnt require any configuration to work!
  • just 1 file for all plugins from MCGSoft that use this system!
  • 1 Restart and its live!
  • Can be turned off Globally or changed to just send a notification to console!

How do i change the settings?

In the root of your server there is a new folder called MCGTools
In that folder there is a folder called MCGVersionCheck
In there is the settings.yml that you can edit to your needs:

Notify.console = true < Change this to turn off advanced notifications in console (all notifications are gone in the console)
Notify.ingame = true < Change this to turn off ingame messages to users with the permission “MCGV.Notify”
Checkforupdates = true < Change this to turn off version checking globally disabling it for all MCGSoft plugins that use this! (NOT RECOMMENDED!)